• You wish you had a List-to-shop synchronization?


    ShopInPad gives you organized
    spaces for your shopping list which
    will precisely correspond to the
    rack layout and product display
    in the shop.

  • Can these 62 indexed pages make your life more organized?


    It is divided to find out easily. 365 days divided to
    12 indexed months. Months are divided to 4 weeks with
    special colour coding for weekend shopping.

  • How about tracking weekly and monthly transactions so easily?


    You can.
    Calculate and crosscheck every
    penny you spend on any given
    day. All your purchases and
    payments can be recorded in

  • What about your whole year’s saving history?


    No worries.
    It’s all in your ShopInPad
    by the end of the year!
    So future will be more planned.lay
    in the shop.

  • How easily can you handle it to fit your personal comfort?


    Look at it.
    It's precisely pocket-size.
    A perfect companion. ShopInPad is less
    heavy and less bulky than your wallet.

  • How easy is it to use while shopping?


    Nothing is easier.
    ShopInPad simply sits on the trolley like a
    companion, like a reachable little curio.
    No more looking around for a list that
    plays hide and seek.

  • How does it fit in my home as per my convinence?


    Cute and quiet.
    You can even leave
    your ShopInPad
    on your fridge door.
    Simply stick and
    plan again.


ShopinPad - A shopper’s story

Not everything was well with our weekly shopping. We used to write our list on post-its or brown sheets, which had a strange way of disappearing right at home or while we were shopping. We didn’t follow the practice of making the whole list in a single day. The thing is each day we would remember something and immediately note it down but then forget where the previous day’s note was. Another problem was that our list was not categorized. It was all a jumble of unrelated things: eggs, washing powder, fish, dish washer… Shopping without a categorized list was a real pain. It would make us move around the same area multiple times looking for products while managing the trolley and watching over the kids in the crowd. In this chaotic flurry, our list would go missing. And we wouldn’t be able to pick up a few important things. We tried mobile apps but found it difficult to coordinate checking on the handset, pushing the trolley and picking items from the shelves.

But Shopinpad made the story different. It is designed in such a way as to make categorized listing possible. This simple innovation is easy on the eyes and easy to handle while shopping. Shopinpad is a fully functional pocketsize organizer loaded with additional features such as pages for calendar dates and spaces to write monthly expenses and even things-to-do lists. It comes with unique mechanisms for attaching to the trolley or sticking on the fridge. Even in today’s digital age, the analog pocketbook is still an important part of our day-to-day lives, and that’s where Shopinpad matters.

We are happy to bring Shopinpad to you. It’s a simple, small tool that will contribute big time to a better living. If you feel it can improve your life, please let us know and let the world know.

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